About Us


Hi im Azmina and I’m one of the directors at Safeerah.


I was born and brought up in England but my immediate roots go back to the turquoise waters on the indian ocean, the spice islands of Zanzibar.


I grew up with a passion of flying and travelling the world, i started my journey quite young living in different areas of London. From Kilburn – Baker street – Highgate – Swiss cottage – Stanmore, at this point i got married and moved to Manchester where i finished my NNEB Diploma, i immediately started working for Virgin trains and very quickly moved up the ladder to becoming The deputy Station manager at Stafford. Soon after i started this role i became pregnant with Owais and after his birth we decided we were going to move back to London & bought a house in Bushey.


Long story short, after 3 kids all in school i decided it was “Me time” and i started doing check in for Emirates at Heathrow airport, my dream come true, unfortunately my childcare arrangements didn’t quite work out and i had to leave there. After taking a couple of years out Temping locally i started working at Heathrow airport again, this time check in for Qatar Airways. Whilst working here i secured a job with British Airways my ultimate destination, just as my training was about to start the world was hit by the pandemic and my job was on hold. I sit here typing this 3 months after the idea of “Safeerah” came about, however i am still on hold with British Airways until the airways fully open up.


I’m Tanveer, one of the directors of Safeerah.  Born and raised in London, England, with heritage going back to Tanzania and further back to the small villages in India.


I am by profession an optometrist, and have been for the last 18 years, in fact I wanted to be an optometrist since I was 13 years old, that’s all I ever wanted to do. I loved and still love making people see the world better, through clearer eyes, and make life easier for them. At the same time i enjoyed good food and the women in my family influenced that greatly. From my grandmas puris to my aunts (Masi’s) halfmoons and all the way to my mums yummy dinners. I soon realised i had to continue this tradition of being a great cook, so i tasted the good food, and used to try to replicate it at home adding my own twist.  So basically, if im not eating it, I’m making it.


I was lucky enough to get married into a family who also share the passion of good food. I learnt the art of cooking for large crowds from my mother in law, and sister in law yet other women who influenced my life.  My husband having had the best food at home cooked by his mum pushed me to want to be a better cook, and my children hence inherited a great pallet.  As my 3 children were growing up i tried to make their lunch boxes as interesting as possible and sometimes they would come back having shared their lunch and orders from their friends for tomorrow’s lunch. I knew i was doing something right.


As we have hit Covid-19 i tried to combine my passion of optometry with cooking and the only place it combines is doing things to make life easier for others.  So, here we are Az and I with Safeerah, a partnership that fell into our laps and was a no brainer. Having the opportunity to work with my best friend makes work fun.


So now you know about each of us, want to hear our story? We became friends at the age of 14 when Tanveer moved to London, from Birmingham.  We attended the same Sunday school and had mutual friends, quickly we grew a bond, and shared similar jokes.  We really enjoyed each others company. We never imagined that after A-levels our lives would pull us in different directions. Az moved to Manchester after getting married and Tan pursued her life long ambition of optometry.  So that was it, 14 years  we spent apart, weddings, births, happy times, sad times were missed. 


One fine evening, a few friends were meeting up for dessert, and both Tan and Az were invited.  This was the start, or should we say re-start, of an amazing friendship.  Car journeys were shared, and lunches, dinners and sneaky coffees.   The happenings of 14 lost years were relived. This year was a 10 year anniversary of that group of friends.  Dessert gatherings soon turned to holidaying together, and Az and Tan became closer.  Soon their children became friends and now they both live 2 min drive from each other. Az loves sampling Tan’s foods, and Tan loves Az’s mad adventures, even if it’s driving straight around the m25 for 2.5 hours (yes they actually did that). They have visited many countries together, and obviously when they have returned Tan has tried to replicate at least 1 dish from their trip away. As much as Az is a corporate chick she has decided to embark on this food journey with Tan. Please support us guys!